New Music - November 2013


I felt like I needed to post some serious tunes to counteract the gayest track I’ve ever posted in my life below =P

This chill future garage track is by WTCHDCTR and part of Shoeboxx Recordings Vol. One Compilation, which features a ton of chill electronic jams from some amazing producers, all available for free on Shoeboxx Recordings’ bandcamp here.

New Music - August 2013

RSKS. The Beat x Arson McKay

Sunday nights are always so depressing. It’s a night I usually reserve for laundry and other necessary chores before the week starts anew, but I do enjoy Sunday nights for one reason, they are the perfect day for chill ambient tracks. Here’s a chill beat from Arson McKay of Texas. Check out his Bandcamp here: for a free download of this and much more amazing music.

New Music

You Don’t x S’il Vous Play

I came across this glorious EP by a new name in the industry. Based out of France, S’il Vous Play is an independent collaboration between Degiheugi (producer) and Djeh (composer who also fronts the French trip-hop band Screenatorium).

The EP delves into abstract hip hop with elements from a mix of genres. The songs are short, raw, and free from boundaries.

Free download of the entire EP available here:

New Music

Nightz Feat. Mona Lisa x Shisa & Choongum

Two amazing producers Shisa, and Choongum teamed up and released a digital album via Hoko Sounds. The album, Seascape 64, is free for download off of Hoko Sounds’ Bandcamp page. It has a variety of chillwave, shoegaze, and dream-hop tracks.

Once again, I find myself being stunned by newcomer, Mona Lisa. Who, as I mentioned when I originally found out about her, is fellow rapper Kitty’s DJ at her live shows. It’s almost unbelievable that both girls are rappers from Florida with a nearly identical vocal style, but crazier things have happened. The vocal loops on repeat laying in the background throughout the track are giving me goosebumps.

Free download of the entire album available here: